The Fort Peck Tribes Repair & Weatherization Program

Pursuant to Resolution # 31-912-2022-09, the Fort
Peck Tribal Executive Board has allocated
funding to aide homeowners with weatherization
renovations and repairs who did not qualify for the
ARPA Homeowners Weatherization and Repairs
program due to their household income being in
excess of HUD Income Guidelines.


This Project provides funding for qualified homeowner applicants to repair, replace and renovate
their primary residences to address health and safety concerns and to maintain the habitability of
their homes. Enrolled homeowners residing within the boundaries of the Assiniboine & Sioux
Tribes of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation that wish to receive assistance under this program
will need to submit an application to the Fort Peck Tribes WITH ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS
to be processed and reviewed by program staff. Projects will be approved based on a first-
come, first-serve basis and limited to available funding.


These eligibility guidelines are set to deem an applicant qualified, and does not approve you
automatically. Eligible applicants must:
o Reside within the boundaries of the Fort Peck Reservation
o Applicant must be a fully enrolled member of the Fort Peck Tribes Assiniboine and Sioux
o It does not matter if members that live in the household are not enrolled, just the
o Provide documentation showing ownership (deed, bill of sale, or title)
o Deeds must be in the applicant’s name, cannot be a shared deed with anyone other
than a spouse.
o If the deed was willed to you or went through a probate process, please get the
deed transferred to you. (Deeds not in applicants name will not be accepted)
o Bills of sale must be notarized in order to be considered valid, and state the
address of the house you are requesting repairs for.
o Ownership of land does not qualify, as it does not state whether you own the property on
said land.
o Provide ALL INCOME in the household
o Demonstrate a need for home rehabilitation or repairs.
o Assistance will not be provided for specific repairs, replacements and renovations that
have previously been funded through a COVID-19 related program with Fort Peck
Housing Authority (FPHA).
o Applicant MUST use the home as their primary residence:
o Absolutely no requesting repairs for houses that are being sub-rented out to
o Absolutely no requesting repairs for houses that are not currently being occupied
by the applicant.


o Roof replacements utilizing metal roofing material
o Window replacements
o Insulation
o Siding
o Flooring
o Lighting & Plumbing fixtures
o Exterior doors (Interior doors such as closet doors, bedroom doors are not allowable)
o Furnace/Hot water heaters (Applicant must utilize the Fort Peck Tribes ARPA Appliance
program, CSP, before requesting from this program.)
o HVAC systems
o Kitchen cabinets
o Disability accommodations (i.e., handicapped showers, ramps, etc.)
o Disability paperwork/scripts will need to be submitted in order for approval.
Any repairs deemed luxury, beyond the basic need, or exceed the funding limits, detailed below,
are allowed, however, the Tribes are only funding up to these amounts and the homeowner is
personally responsible for any costs over and above these amounts. Any repairs not listed above
that the homeowner requests will be discussed by the program staff and the Tribal Executive
Board to be determined allowable or unallowable.


This program is utilizing the same set funding amounts and income limits as the original Repair
& Weatherization Program.
o Mobile home (min. 76’ X 16’) – $7,500 maximum
o Modular homes – $12,500 maximum
o Constructed homes/homes affixed to a permanent foundation – $25,000 maximum
**if your modular does not have the wheels or axils to move and is not sitting on a permanent
foundation it is still considered a modular or mobile home.
Total amount granted will be based upon inspection and bids received for each proposed project
(See Policies & Guidelines below).
Income eligibility: To be eligible for this program, your household income must exceed the
HUD Homeowner Assistance Fund Guidelines for Roosevelt County, Montana, as follows:
Greater of 150% AMI of U.S Median Income
1-person $79,900
2-person $85,200
3-person $95,850
4-person $106,500
5-person $115,050
6-person $123,550
7-person $132,100
8-person $140,600


For Full Application, Please click this link to download – FPT Repair & Weatherization Program Application (Over HUD Income)