Economic Development

Our quality contemporary economic environment contains lucrative assets and rationale for investment and completion of profitable business development activities.  Most importantly, we possess and offer a variety of creative inducements for your consideration and use in developing and completing cost-effective economic transactions with us.  We invite you to investigate and take advantage of our top-quality economic features of which several are briefly introduced as follows.

A. Workforce Preparedness

The Fort Peck Tribes strive to provide and simultaneously convey a quality and quickly adaptable labor force which meets integral portions of today’s intricate economic requirements, business development and meets the demand of potential investors.


We offer an array of expertise and complex contemporary capabilities in information technology (ie., software testing,)  data conversion (paper to electronic formats,) production, manufacturing, assembly, cut & sew, storage and others.  Also, our labor force possesses additional quantifiable and intangible analytical oriented skills necessary for successful completion of economic activities.


In addition, through efficient use of local and external financial resources, transacting with secondary, post-high school academic institutions and reputable contracted service providers, we possess flexibility in tailoring and providing customized occupational skills training programs.  They serve to leverage our whole education and training elements to properly prepare people for specific jobs and increase anticipated returns to prospective investors.


The aim of our effort is to cultivate and maintain a proficient labor force which clearly assists and enriches the economic well-being of the Fort Peck Reservation and respective economic investments.

B. Business Climate:

The Reservation’s unique economic environment is briefly presented as follows:


1. Corporations created under the laws of the Fort Peck Tribes, operated on ‘Trust’ (Native American owned) property and which complete economic activities with private entrepreneurs have access to specific taxation incentives (ie., no property taxes, corporate taxes, machinery taxes, state taxes, inventory taxes. etc.) and advantages which are otherwise traditionally levied on corporations which operate on ‘Fee’ (Non-Indian owned) property and are incorporated under the laws of the State of Montana. As a result, increased profit margins accrue to the Tribes and the non-Indian entrepreneur. The non-Indian entrepreneur receives an in direct tribal tax advantage as his profits would be higher and would only have to pay federal income taxes.

2. Also, Investors may simply wish to locate on the Reservation and lease land from the Tribes. Unlike the Tribes, the non-Indian investor pays federal income taxes. However, there are two federal tax incentives available to non-Indian investors locating on the Fort Peck Reservation. The first incentive provides an accelerated depreciation deduction for property on Indian Reservations. Thus, a non-Indian business located on leased Fort Peck Reservation real estate may claim as a deduction the depreciated value of all qualified property used in the operation of the business at an accelerated rate. The second provision is a wage credit for Reservation businesses. Under this provision, the on-Reservation non-Indian employer may take as a credit on his federal income taxes 20% of the wages and health insurance costs paid for qualified new employees who are tribal members or spouses of tribal members) who live and work on the Fort Peck Reservation. The total amount of qualified wages that can be used to determine the credit is $20,000 per employee per year – therefore the maximum amount an employer could claim as a credit for an employee in one hear is $4,000.00.

3. Other attractive Fort Peck Reservation economic features are illustrated and summarized in our
“General Economic Environment“ sheet.

4. Foremost recent and summarized Fort Peck Reservation demographics are provided.

C. Infrastructure

Most importantly, we possess accessibility and other distinguishing characteristics which can help make investment decisions more viable, competitive and rewarding. For example, our modern Fort Peck Tribal Industrial Park complex was constructed in 1968. It is located in Poplar, Montana. The site contains requisite vacant facilities, available real estate, water and sanitary sewer, electrical services, broadband, paved access roads, transload capability, rail spur access to the nearby Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. They enable business with capability to properly establish, grow and expand.


(A thought: How about creating and inserting a brief pictoral (and audio?) “virtual tour” activity for promoting the Park in this portion?)


For additional information on the Fort Peck Tribal economic environment, please contact:


Mr. Rodney R. Miller
Economic, Community Development and Planning
Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes
Fort Peck Reservation
P. O. Box 1027
Poplar, Montana 59255
Telephone: (406) 768-2344

D. Foremost Economic Enterprises (WEI, FPTS, FPS)

West Electronics, Inc.:


West Electronics, Inc., established in 0000, is a Tribally chartered, owned and operated contract manufacturer of quality electronic parts, systems, electromechanical items and


Fort Peck Tech Services Inc.:


Established in 2004, the Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc. is a Tribally chartered, owned and operated contract product manufacturing enterprise. It offers quality customized machining, welding, metal fabrication and assembly services to a wide variety of customers and industries.

Our complete production facility contains essential high tech CNC machinery. Our ISO certified production processes and specialized personnel are committed to excellence and draw upon decades of technical expertise. Also, the Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc. has contemporary welding equipment, certifications and other specialized capabilities in ferrous, plastic, other metals, parts cleaning, painting, assembly services, shipping and receiving, etc. In addition, we also offer specific types of information technology services.


We are acutely focused on quality, timely delivery, satisfactory services and competitive pricing to meet customers’ requirements.

For additional information or a quote for services, our contact information is:


Mr. Larry Neutgens
Chief Executive Officer
Fort Peck Tech Services, Inc.
300 Industrial Park
P. O. Box 1532
Poplar, Montana 59255
Telephone: (406) 768-3535 x 224


Fort Peck Solutions, Inc.: