The Fort Peck Tribes Coronavirus Response Page

Current Phase: 1

The coronavirus has hit our community very hard. Many of us know someone who has been sick with this awful virus. We will be updating this website regularly for our members and the greater community often with new information about resources from the Tribes and information about how we can prevent COVID on the Fort Peck Reservation. This page is still under development, so check back often for new information, more resources, and more tools.

NEW Coronavirus Community Testing Event Information!

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-Questions? Call us at (406) 768-2525 or visit
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Basic Information for the Fort Peck Reservation

COVID-19 is caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus, first identified in China in December, 2019. Since then, it has spread to nearly every corner of the world; the WHO declared it a pandemic on March 11, 2020. The Fort Peck Tribes have been responding to the pandemic since March, trying to stop transmission and protect our people, especially our elders, who are at high risk of severe disease and death from this illness.

On the reservation, since the pandemic was declared, COVID has caused:

  • 738 cases
  • 32 deaths
    *Data as of 12/4/2020

Feeling Sick?

I or someone in my house feels sick—what should we do?

      • Photo at top: “stop the spread graphic”
      • If you or someone in your home has symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, sudden loss of smell or taste) you should get tested as soon as possible. To get tested, call the IHS Service Unit Information at
      • Poplar: 406-768-3491
      • Wolf Point: 404-653-1641
      • If you or someone else needs immediate medical attention, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Signs of severe disease are:
      • Difficulty breathing
      • Blue or grey in the face or lips
      • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
      • New confusion
      • Inability to wake or stay awake
      • The Fort Peck Tribes has many resources available to support members who are sick or in quarantine (staying home because they have been exposed to someone who is sick.) If you need support with groceries, medicines, diapers, or other resources, please call 406-525-5020.
      • For more information on how to quarantine or isolate when you’re living with other people, please see “Tested Positive” (link to tested positive page)
      • For more information on what to do to prevent the spread within your house, see this link:
      • For more on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, see the resources below.

Tested Positive?

I or someone in my house has tested positive. What do I do?

    • If you have tested positive, it is important to isolate yourself so that you do not give the virus to anyone else. This means staying home, all the time, even if you do not currently have symptoms. You should stay home, isolated, for 10 days after you were tested—or, if you have symptoms (even minor symptoms), until 10 days have passed since the symptoms started AND it has been at least 24 hours since you last had a fever (without the help of fever-reducing medicines) AND your other symptoms are improving.
    • It is difficult to isolate in our homes, but people who have tested positive:
      • Should have their own rooms that others do not go in;
      • Should have their own bathroom—and if that is not possible, the bathroom should be disinfected after each use
      • Should stay in their room. If they need to leave the room, they should wear a mask and stay away from other people in the home as much as possible.
      • Should not prepare or serve food or help to clean up afterward. If possible, they should eat in their room.
    • If the sick person needs help, the person helping should wear a mask when they are in the same room and wash their hands after any contact with the sick person.
    • Other people living in the home should quarantine—or also stay home, but away from the positive person, and get tested.
    • The Tribe has resources to support its members who are isolating after testing positive—even if you do not have symptoms. For help with groceries, medicines, diapers, cleaning supplies, and more, please call:
    • For more information on quarantine, isolation, and when to seek medical help, see the links below:
    • When to seek care

More information about how to provide care for someone who is sick:


We must all work together to prevent the spread of COVID on the reservation to protect our elders and our community. Our reservation has been severely impacted by this disease and the only way for us to return to our way of life—safely spending time with our friends and families, going out in public, and celebrating together—is to stop the spread.

Wearing a mask anytime your are away from home and near other people is very important. This helps our community by preventing the transmission of the virus from person to person—and preventing any one of us from getting the virus and bringing it home. Masks are not perfect, but they are very effective at preventing the spread of the virus if we all wear them correctly, whenever we are near people we do not live with.
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For more information on preventing the spread, see the links below.