• The Fort Peck Reservation is home to two separate American Indian Nations, each composed of numerous bands and divisions.

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Language & Culture

Growing Thunder, Ramey - Director
Three Stars, Ethan - Dakota Instructor/Researcher
Runs Above, Winona - Nakoda Instructor/Researcher  
Peterson, Richard - Media Coordinator  
Yellow Hammer, Jennifer - Accounting Technician  
- Field Inspector  


603 Court Avenue
PO BOX 1027
Poplar, MT 59255

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Vision Statement (Cultural Perspective)
“The vision of our department is to increase the language revitalization and cultural restoration with our Nakona and Dakota communities as the first steps to planning and developing a Tribal Immersion School. This vision foretells our youth being embraced daily with our cultural ways of knowing, speaking our language, hearing our elder stories, hearing our creation stories, understanding and perpetuating our history, singing our traditional songs, sharing our ways of dance, living and perpetuating our seven sacred rites of Pte San Win (White Buffalo Calf Woman) and Traditional rites. Our respectful approach addresses the historical accuracy of our people’s education past and present, community-based curriculum development, language revitalization, cultural restoration, and learning strategies for the sake of our children and future generations.”

Mission Statement (Academic Perspective)
“The Fort Peck Tribal Department of Languages and Cultures is committed to the restoration and revitalization of the Nakona/Nakoda and Dakota languages and cultures. This initiative will serve as the active venue for addressing the complex family, educational, spiritual, cultural, health, and societal issues facing the Nakona/Nakoda and Dakota people of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.  The department envisions the emergence and acceptance of our traditional languages and cultures, into the daily lives of the people to instill a rebirth of their cultural identity, which is dignified to become an integral part of their contemporary lives.”

"Let us put our minds together to see what life we can make for our children" - Tatanka Iyotanke
"Wakanyeja Nitawa Woyuonihan!" (Honor your Sacred Little One's!)
Fort Peck Language and Culture Department